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Olympic Rings May Decorated by LED to Shine Tower Bridge
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Reportedly, Giant Olympic rings and the Paralympic Agitos, the swirling symbol of the Paralympics, will shine from Tower Bridge throughout the London 2012 Games.

It is to be funded through a deal between the Mayor, City of London and London 2012 sustainability partners GE and EDF. The funding package has been made possible through sponsorship recognition for GE and EDF during the Games.

Planning permission is being sought from Southwark Council and Tower Hamlets Council. Plans include the use of energy efficient LED technology to cut the energy consumption of the existing lighting system by an estimated 40%. It will be done by lighting artists Citelum, who have also worked on the Eiffel Tower, the Zheng Yang Men gate in Beijing and the Abbey of Jumieges in France.

The City of London Corporation will contribute £400,000 towards the works from its ancient Bridge House Estate fund. And work could start by September and be completed by spring 2012.

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